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Create Your own Trip - Private Tours in Northern Norway
As a small company we have a possibility to make just that kind of trip as You want. You can choose activities which will suit for you, same as overnightstaying. This is a possibility to get a real wilderness experience, from one to several days. An unforgettable holiday.

Activities: Northern lights chasing, expeditions in the wilderness, icefishing, fishing from the shore, hiking in the wilderness (very peaceful), hunting, cross-country skiing, alpine, telemark, randonnè, snowboarding, snowshoeing, handicrafts, whale watching by car or by boat (Dec-Feb), sightseeing, tent sauna, dogsledding, snowmobiling and reindeer experience. Please let us know if there are other things you want to do.

Accommodation: Hotel, icehotel, cabin, lavvu (samitent), extremetent or hammock
If you got interested, please take contact, so we can find the right activities for you.

Price from 10 000 NOK per day

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Snowmobilesafari in Finland
This trip will take you to Kilpisjarvi, a small village in northern part of Finland. The village is located almost 500 meter above sea level. We will drive by snowmobiles to the three borders monument, where the borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland meets. After the snowmobiletour we will have a buffet in Kilpisjärvi.
If we will see the northern lights on the way back, we will stop to take pictures of course.

Drivers need to have a driving license.
Driving distance will be up to 50 km.

Duration 4 hours on the snowmobile plus driving by minibus Tromsø-Kilpisjärvi-Tromsø 340 km (around 5 hours).

NB! The tour will be cancelled if bad weather or if the temperature is below -30ºC.
NB! Snowmobiles are insured, drivers liability for damages max 1000 €/accident.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of participants: 6-14 persons
Price per person NOK 2400, 2 persons on one snowmobile

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Mobile kitchen

We can prepare hot meal for bigger group with our mobile kitchen. You can deside the place whereever you want: At the beach or in the mountains.

Capacity: 160 -180 liters, up to 350 persons
Heating source: Gas or wood. Contact us