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Dancing Lights from Tromsų 1200 NOK

Only on Saturdays and Sundays from September to April.
For booking please contact us.

The northern lights chase, which will take you from Tromsų to innland or coastal areas depending on the weather. Main goal is to find clear sky to maximize the possibility to see the northern lights. And main of all, just to enjoy staying outdoors and meeting new people. During the trip you will be guided by Roy or his wife Reetta. Both has a long experience in northern lights guiding.

We bring also 13 pairs of snowshoes with us.
Extra: possibility to buy a realtime film from your trip
2-14 persons
Pick up at Tromsų touristinformation at 17:00
Duration 8-10 hours Contact us

Wilderness Experience in Sildvika
All inclusive adventure package with activities and two nights in the wilderness. This is a good opportunity to experience silence in the countryside with local people. Learn to make open fire, prepare food outside, how to survive in a cold environment. We are based in Sildvika a hilly place, a small village 170 km from Tromsų.

Pick-up at Finnsnes Port, Bardufoss airport or Bardufoss busstation
Level of difficulty: Medium to hard

Number of participants: 2-6 persons
Price per person NOK 4500 Contact us

Roundtrip to Norway, Sweden and Finland
This is a three day trip, where you have possibility to explore northern part of Norway, Sweden and Finland. All these countries have their own specialities: the sea, the fjords and the mountains in Norway, big remoted wilderness areas in Sweden, snowcowered forests and hilly fells in Finland. During the trip we will visit indigenous Saami people in Sweden and meet their reindeer. You will have a skiing lesson in a skiing resort in Finland. We will also do snowshoeing in Finnish forests. More activities available.

We will be flexible with our scedule to maximize possibility to find clear sky and to see northern lights during our trip.
We are staying in local cabins during our trip.
We are prepairing our meals outdoor.

Number of participants: 2 people, 3 or more on request.
Duration 3 days

Pick-up locations: Norway,Sweden and Finland.
Click map to view locations.

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Create Your own Trip
As a small company we have a possibility to make just that kind of trip as You want. You can choose activities which will suit for you, same as overnightstaying. This is a possibility to get a real wilderness experience, from one to several days. An unforgettable holiday.

Activities: Northern lights chasing, icefishing, fishing from the shore, hunting, cross-country skiing, alpine, telemark, randonnč, snowboarding, snowshoeing, handicrafts, whale watching by car (Dec-Feb), sightseeing, tent sauna.

Overnigtsstaying: Outdoors in a tent, in a transparent tent under starry sky, or in a hammock. Cabins are also available. Equipment we use for overnight staying: extreme tent, down duvet, inflatable mats, winter sleeping bags. Number of participants: 2 people, 3 or more on request
If you got interested, please take contact, so we can find the right activities for you. Contact us

Hire me as a guide
I am a skiinstructor in alpine (downhill), telemark, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.

I do photography; timelapse, hdr, panoramic and focusbracketing.

Hunting and fishing, survival skills, snowshoeing, expeditions in the mountains.
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Mobile kitchen

We can prepare hot meal for bigger group with our mobile kitchen. You can deside the place whereever you want: At the beach or in the mountains.

Capacity: 160 -180 liters, up to 350 persons
Heating source: Gas or wood. Contact us