Arctic Trip is a small family company which Roy started in 2012. In the beginning we were working mostly from Tromsø, but our goal is to run our activities from our home. We are living in a small village in Sørreisa municipality. There we have a small camp where you can do skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and so on. It is really good location to see the northern lights as well. It is also possible to stay overnight here in a lavvu (sami tent with firestove), transparent tent or just in a hammock. There are cabins available just 800 meters away (Sandbakken feriesenter AS).

  • 30 km from Finnsnes port (Hurtigruten, Hurtigbåt from Tromsø or Harstad)
  • 35 km from Bardufoss airport
  • 30 km from Senja Island
  • 170 km from Tromsø by car
  • 150 km from Narvik by car

Do not hesitate to take contact for more information.


Roy has been living all his life near the nature. Fishing, hunting and picking berries has been a part of his life, not to forget off-piste skiing on the mountains. All this has given him a priceless knowledge about outdoor life. His passion to the northern lights is easy to feel. He is also an enthusiastic photografer with experience on timelapse, panorama, HDR and stackshot pictures. "Work with your heart" is his motto.


Roy's wife, Reetta, is also a nature loving person. Hiking, skiing, birdwatching and picking berries and mushrooms are some of her hobbies. She is interested in fauna too. After some years of busy life in a big city, she moved toward north to be closer to the nature. She studied wilderness guiding in Muonio, Finland, during 2011-2012  and has then been working as a guide, mostly as a northern lights guide. "Enjoy the moment" is her motto.


On some of the trips you might also meet Roy and Reetta 's son, Markus, born in 2014.


We will do our best to make your holiday unforgettable.