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Guided tours in northern norway


Come and live in and of the incredible nature in the arctic with us!

Arctic Trip is a small family company providing guided northern lights tours and customized tours with outdoor activities from one to several days in Troms, Northern Norway. Our tours are all-inclusive with focus on tasty local food. We are focusing on small groups up to 12 person.

 Arctic Trip family is known for northern norwegian hospitality – We will do our best to make your holiday a memorable one.


Tipi tent under the moonlight during Arctic Adventure tour

A winter hiking adventure through the untamed mountains in Northern Norway with an experienced local guide. Get ready for a true wilderness escape! All-inclusive, customized tours.


Experience the northern lights with local guide. We want to make your dream come true! This tour starts from Tromsø city, and we are driving to a location where weather conditions are best.


Imagine sleeping in a warm and cozy bed under a starry sky, with the northern lights dancing above you. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also have the opportunity to meet a local family and take a beautiful day hike in the mountains.

The ultimate northern lights dancing on the sky

Dancing lights Expedition - A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience in the Arctic

A true nomadic experience. Driving to a location with clear sky, set up lavvù (a tipi tent),  gathering around a campfire, do some snowshoeing while waiting for the northern lights. Enjoy sleeping in a cozy tent, northern lights alarm will sure you do not miss any northern lights activity. Please take contact for more info. 

Private northern lights chase for special occasions, like anniversaries, birthdays and proposals. Perfect choise for bigger groups as well! 

A great summer activity which combines fishing and kayaking in a safe way. Suitable for new beginners as well.

Meet your guide

The company owner and our main guide Roy has born and lived most of his life in countryside in Troms county. He learned from his father how to get food from nature. Fishing, hunting and picking berries was important to learn already as a child. All these childhood days spent on the forests and mountains has given him a priceless knowledge about outdoor life. Roy’s mother loved cooking and managed to share this with his son. Something our guests can be happy about. What could taste better than fresh food straigh from the nature prepared outdoors?

Roy loves to meet new people and share with experience and knowledge. How much we can learn from each other! Roy has been working as a guide since 2007, mostly for northern lights, skiing and snowshoeing. His passion to the northern lights is easy to feel. 

You can read more about the family behind the Arctic Trip company here.

Gallery - a glimpse of unforgettable experiences


Tripadvisor rating

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avatar thumb Minjoo K
December 25, 2023

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avatar thumb Mirall65
November 27, 2023

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November 20, 2023

star rating  We had an amazing experience with Roy. He had so much knowledge and was so warm and friendly. He kept checking if everyone was okay or needed anything.

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October 18, 2023

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